Prototype of Web-based Archive of Children's Art.


This Web-Accessed database contains digitally copied artwork made by children.  Each work would be referenced in various categories (gender of child, age, school characteristics, medium of artwork and its subject matter).  Visitors would examine artworks and make comparisons depending on selected categories.


Significance of the Project:

While children's artwork is available on the Internet, the conditions for its selection and inclusion as a "collection" are often unclear.  Additionally, researching and examining these works do not allow for cross-referencing and comparing them under specific categories.  This project is unique in that the artwork is created using specific guidelines and collected in particular categories.  Further, the artwork allows comparisons to be made using selected characteristics.  These two aspects make the project significant.


Collection Methods:

While children's artwork for this archive is to be collected in school settings, it is the focus of this project to acquire work that is completed without the assistance of teacher input or guidance.  Students participating in the project will be informed that the work is voluntary and not part of their assessed performance in school.  Teachers who volunteer in the project would be responsible for giving introductory directions, collecting the work and necessary release forms, and sending the work to ISU for digitizing.  ISU representatives may also visit schools to complete this task.  Original artwork will be returned to students after it has been copied digitally.



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